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Content Migration with shift_dates option

Building an application for my college that one aspect will be to build the courses for the next semester but I am having troubles with getting content migration API to shift dates. I can create a new course and push content from one course into the newly created course but can not get dates to move forward. The Content Migration API does not have much in the way of documentation other than what the values that should go into the fields. Have I missed something in the body request? Here is what I am using:

	"migration_type": "course_copy_importer",
	"settings": {
		"source_course_id": 2075
	"date_shift_option": {
		"shift_dates": true,
		"old_start_date": "2018-04-09T10:09:00Z",
		"old_end_date": "2018-07-22T10:09:00Z",
		"new_start_date": "2020-01-07T17:00:00Z",
		"new_end_date": "2020-04-08T18:00:00Z"

The new dates is because I am testing in beta environment for our winter 2020 semester. Is there something I am missing here in order to shift the dates from the 2018 dates to the 2020 dates?

Thanks in advance.

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