Course SIS ID not present in LTI launch

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Hi everyone.

I am still trying to develop a demo app that will reach out to our SIS and locate a class based on lis_course_offering_sourcedid . 

I had previously been able to see the lis_course_offering_sourcedid parameter field with courses I had uploaded.  But as I do this in a demo environment for now they keep getting lost each time the sandbox refreshes.  So I tool a manually-created course and manually added the SIS ID to it.

When I test an LTI launch from the course the lis_course_offering_sourcedid is not present at all.

Is there something else I need to adjust on the course settings to force this parameter to be passed along with the LTI launch?

Please advise.  Thanks.

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This might be the same issue as you had with the user sis id.

What is your tool's privacy setting?


You might need to change it to "public".


Or pass the course sisid as a custom parameter, in which case the privacy setting will not matter.

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