Create a User API Issue

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Trying to use the create a user API with powershell.  I"ve used other API's without a problem (sis import, etc).

I keep getting an error "unprocessable_entity".  I"ve double-checked the url and all appears to be fine.

Using the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet which I've used before.[unique_id]=canstu1&pseudonym[sis_... CanvasTest&user[skip_registration]=true&pseudonym[integration_id]=960551234&communication_channel[address][skip_confirmation]=true&user[skip_registration]=true&pseudonym[send_confirmation]=true

I hope I'm missing the obvious, but can't see it!  Anyone have an idea?

Bruce Harrison

Univ. of Tennessee at Martin

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Looking at your screen shot, I see "Authorization: Basic...."

It should be "Authorization: Bearer..."

When I submit using "Basic" I do not get that same error, but it certainly doesn't work.

Try "Bearer" and let me know what happens.

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