Creating Collaborations Using LTI Advantage

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We’re building an LTI tool for Canvas that integrates with Canvas collaborations. The tool uses LTI Advantage.

You can add a Collaborations placement for an LTI Advantage tool by adding the Collaborations placement to the LTI key config, and I can launch my application inside the Collaborations page, but I haven’t been able to find any documentation explaining how to create or update a Canvas collaboration from the Collaborations placement using LTI Advantage.

Can anyone point me to any resources that might help? Or point me to where in the Canvas codebase LTI Advantage collaborations are handled?

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One of my colleagues spoke with someone from Instructure and was told that creating and updating collaborations in Canvas using LTI Advantage isn't currently possible. He was told it's on their roadmap, but isn't available yet.

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