Creating Graded Discussion Topic and setting assignment_override through the API?

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Is it possible to do when using the /discussion_topic API?  If so, is the params  'assignment[assignment_override][course_section_id]':value or 'assignment_override[course_section_id]':value that is used in the post?  We're trying to generate discussion topics with each one only being available to one of the x sections in the course. 

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I don't think you can make it available to only one section. However, I believe that it is possible to make it available to a specific group. To do that you would need to first add all of the students in a section to the same group. Then you should be able to create the discussion and target a specific group using the group_category_id from the discussion topics API.

You can assign different due dates for each section using  assignment_override[course_section_id] in the assignments overrides API but I don't think you can completely eliminate it from the other sections.

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