Display Letter Grade/Grading Scheme Letter on Student Grades Page?

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Hi everyone,

We are using the View All Grades script created by  @James ‌ so that our homeroom teachers and support staff can get a better picture of student performance across all courses in Canvas. This has been an extremely helpful tool for us! This year however, our high school has been moving to a mastery-based grading approach (ie. 4, 3, 2, 1 rubrics for every assignment). 

This is difficult to communicate through Canvas, primarily because the standard 90 = A, 80 = B, etc., grading scales may no longer apply. For example, our range for B- through B+ actually scales from ~62% to ~87%. We are doing our best to manage this with Grading Schemes, and that works fine at the course level because that new scale shows on the Student View of Grades and in the course Gradebook (see below):

298250_Grades for Lauren Cruz  2019 Fall   Math 1A.png

The issue arises when a student, parent, teacher, or support staff looks at the course-wide grades page. Grading schemes do not appear in this page! So, if a user is not aware of the Grading Scheme applied to the course, they could assume the student is actually doing worse than they are (it looks like they have a C, when actually they have a B - see Math 1A below).

298251_Grades  sample.png

I'm bringing this to the community in hopes that someone might have an amazing and quick fix for this, possibly using Javascript. All we would really need is the Grading Scheme letter for that course brought into this view, next to the percentage. Replacing the percentage entirely with just the Letter Grade would be something we might want eventually too.

Thanks for any help or insight you might have on this!