Does the Canvas SCORM tool support review mode?

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I have several SCORM objects (SCO's) that allow students to submit their work as text. A student's work is graded by the SCO, and the SCO reports the student's score to Canvas by setting the SCORM values cmi.score.min, cmi.score.max, cmi.score.raw, and cmi.score.scaled. The student's scores are correctly showing in the Canvas grade book.

In addition to a student's score, my SCO's also store a student's work by setting cmi.interactions. However, there doesn't seem to be any place in Canvas where the teacher can see the student's work that was stored in Canvas using cmi.interactions. A logical place for viewing these interactions is in the SpeedGrader. The frame on the left of SpeedGrader normally shows a student's submission. However, for SCO's, the frame contains only the words, "No Preview Available". Why doesn't SpeedGrader start the SCO in "review" mode? Is there a way to configure the Canvas SCORM tool to start a SCO in review mode inside SpeedGrader? If not, is there any place in Canvas where a teacher can view a student's SCORM interactions?

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