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I already built an LTI tool that let's teachers contact student's parents as well as directly open the index box for a student and populate the name of the student. A teacher can just type the message and send. In that case the course dropdown does not need to be selected. But now I want a student to be able to do the same thing for the teacher, but apparently the course needs to be selected from the dropdown. I am aware of the regular ways the students can message their teachers in their courses.
I found the link by clicking on a messaging icon in the user details of any of my students. It looks like this: https://myschool.instructure.com/conversations?context_id=course_7832&user_id=1501&user_name=Firstna... I can dynamically create that link in my LTI for any student or the teacher, and it will populate the name into the name field but doesn't select the course and I was wondering if someone knew how.
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Looks like I wasn't paying attention to where I placed it and there is a #filter, so placing it after the filter seems to work.


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