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I just discovered that it's possible to catch an event when users send conversation messages in Canvas. When I log the event information I see that I have a `conversions_id`. But if I call the api with `/api/v1/conversations/:id` I get 404 back. 

Then I realized that `/api/v1/conversations` returns an empty array. 

Please give me some guidance on how to use the conversions endpoint. 

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If the conversation ID is for a conversation that you aren't a part of, then it is expected that you wouldn't receive a response with the conversation information.  According to the API documentation, the Get Single Conversation endpoint "returns information for a single conversation for the current user." Thus, you will need to use @agschmid's suggestion of the Masquerading query parameter to get the conversation details of another user.  You will need to know the other user's ID and have permission to act as that user to do this.

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