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External Tools API Get request returns empty list

I am the get API to return a external tools used on my canvas. When I do a curl get request,

/api/v1/courses/3206736/external_tools" -H "Authorization: Bearer <Access Token>"

Its returns [] brackets even tho I have a few external tools on my canvas. I have access to these external tools and I have tried other ways of displaying them such as specifying the external tool id, but I get "the specified resource does not exist" message which makes no sense to me either.


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If the configuration for those tools isn't defined directly in that course you also need to supply the `include_parents=true` parameter to show the ones that are available to the course.

Ok well I got some type of reply. The reason why I am doing any of this is to access my zoom schedule links. So there is a new link posted in the zoom tab for each class, but I am unsure of how to get that information. If I do this curl


I will get a url, image.png but the url when clicked says

Cannot locate launch request, please try again.

So do you have any ideas have I get the individual zoom links, or closes class zoom link?