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I just found FeedbackFruits on the edu-app store.

OH MY GLOB! Their video interactive tool is incredible!!!

I highly recommend getting in touch with them for a 15 day demo account and bring it for a whirl.


LINK: FeedbackFruits 

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Keep us posted on what you learn!

I'm kind of a feedback maniac myself so anything that broadens and deepens feedback practices sounds good to me!

I'm collecting useful feedback resources for my students here; helping students learn how to give each other good feedback is a big goal in my classes, and I do that in a growth mindset context:

4. Improve!: Exploring Growth Mindset 

feedback screenshot

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Is it something that can be added as an individual teacher?  Is it free?  I can't find anything on their website that has pricing or anything.  I registered for a FeedbackFruits account, but when I get into it, there really is nothing I can do.  Am I missing something?