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Get List of Import Content Queue Status

Is there a way to get a list of status of import course content across multiple courses?

Working on doing a course content migration, however, have to go into each course individually to determine the status.

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Dona, have you looked at the List content migrations endpoint? The first option lists content migrations by account.

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Hi there,

As dgrobani mentioned, the Content Migrations API is what you are going to want to do. To iterate through multiple courses, a for-loop inside a script should accomplish what you need.

Simple PowerShell example:

# OAUTH key
$auth = "<auth key>"
# If you want to hard code an array of course IDs
$courseIDs = @{'1','2','3','4'}
# If you want to import a list of course IDs in a text file
# $courseIDs = Get-Content C:\Temp\courseids.txt
foreach ($c in $courseIDs) {
Invoke-RestMethod "$c/content_migrations"