Getting Progress for User in Course via Graphql

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Currently via the REST API i am using a combination of 3 endpoints to get a users progress across all enrolments

1. api/v1/users/user:ID/enrollments?enrollment_type=student

 This gives me all enrolled course grades and a few other handy things

Then I use

2. api/v1/courses/course:id/students/submissions?student_ids[]=user:id&workflow_state=unsubmitted

This lets us know if all assignments for the course have been attempted




This gives me the module progress (requirements count/completed)

I tried combining this into one graphql call however I cant see where I can get the same data I am I getting from number 3.

I am trying to reduce the amount of API calls which theortically the graphql should allow me to. I am keen to hear how others a getting progress per user. I do it per user as they can be actively enrolled in up to 20 courses concurrently


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