Getting an LTI Tool Placed in the External App Section

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Hey Developers,

We run a large content repository based on LTI 1.1 (moving to 1.3) and would like to move beyond much of the manual app placement work done through manual external app placement. We are hoping to get our LTI tools placed in the external app "marketplace" to simplify and standardize the configuration process.

Can anybody offer guidance on how to get a vetted LTI external app placed in here below...

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 7.45.05 PM.png

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Images aren't coming through with the new community software, so I'm going to have to answer based on the text and not the image.

I'm a little unsure of what you're hoping to do. Do you want to get your current LTI 1.1 app listed or get an LTI 1.3 app listed? It may not matter because there is at least one post that suggests the initial step may be the same either way.

For an LTI 1.1 app, you go to the EduAppCenter site and click on submit. More information is available in this thread: How do we list our app in EduApps center? 

For LTI 1.3, if you want it to be placed in the global developer keys, then you need to have an Instructure employee add it. See the top part of JWT Access Tokens for LTI2 Tools. In that first link I gave, there's a question about LTI 1.2 near the bottom of the first page and a response from Karl Lloyd on the second page that says there is no LTI 1.2 support, but then answers the question for, what looks like, LTI 1.3. Basically, you still submit the form on the eduappcenter site.

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