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Getting user_id when using client_credentials Oauth2 process

Hi everyone,

I am developing a tool for Canvas that uses LTI1.3. I have implemented the client_credentials process for my app, however the client_credentials process does not give me any way to identify the user that started the request.

I would like my app to receive user info (just name or id), and list their classes and send grades and create assignments, etc.

How is that done with client_credentials or another LTI1.3 compliant manner?

Great thanks to this developer community, it has been fantastic for developing this webapp.

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Additionally I'd like to ask if there have been any updates on when Canvas will release LTI1.3 out of beta and implement OpenID login for example?

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We pass the course_id and user_id as custom parameters (defined under "Additional Settings" when setting up the developer key in Canvas). We also pass the instance URL as we couldn't find a reliable way of getting that from the handshake either (the authentication process gives us the main URL instead of the instance hosting the developer key, which seems odd to me).