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Google Spreadsheet to Pull Course ID's by SIS ID's


First time poster here. We're relatively new to Canvas, so I don't know much (translate: anything) yet about Canvas API calling using Google Spreadsheets. I've tried looking at a couple of spreadsheets others have built, but I haven't found what I need yet. Therefore, I have a couple of questions.

  1. Where will I find the documentation to use Google Spreadsheets to pull data from Canvas?
  2. Specifically, I need to create a spreadsheet with a list of SIS ID's, query Canvas, and receive a return of corresponding course ID's.

I've figured out how to use the course ID's for my purpose (Thanks to Hammer of the Gods!), but I have only SIS ID's available to me. Once I have the course ID's, I can then continue the project.

Thanks in advance, especially if you can direct me to the documentation I need.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm not sure if there is any documentation on integrating Google Sheets because it goes beyond normal Canvas functionality. One person in the Community who does a lot with this type of stuff is  @James ‌. Have you checked out his #canvancements‌? If not, then I'd check them out -‌ - and then maybe direct specific questions to him.

Navigator II

 @jalexander6 ,

Since you claim to know nothing about APIs, you may not be aware that you can specify SIS codes in many of the API calls. Object IDs, SIS IDs, and special IDs - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

In particular, if a course has Canvas course ID = 1234 and a SIS Course ID = sp17-econ101, then you could fetch information about a course through the API using either of these formats

GET /api/v1/courses/1234

GET /api/v1/courses/sis_course_id:sp17-econ101

That doesn't work for everything, though.

Another option to pursue is the Provisioning Report or SIS Exports reports. You can find these under Admin > your account > Settings > Reports. They'll return the Canvas course ID as well as the SIS course ID, so you can grab the numbers from there and it's already in a spreadsheet, which is what you were asking for.