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Gradebook - custom js to show SIS IDs?

Is it theoretically possible to change the data that is displayed in the Secondary ID column in the Gradebook (not the new gradebook) so that the data shows the SIS ID instead? Or, to add a new SIS ID column and display the data there?

I appreciate the complexity of this question, and that the SIS ID data may need retrieving via an API call, so thanks for any thoughts on this!

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The Secondary ID is the same as the loign id, so unless you use the SIS ID as the login id you cannot change it.

With the API, its quite straightforward to create a custom column called SIS ID and then put the SIS IDs into that column.

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Ah, just realised you want to do this with custom JS, not an external API application.

I guess you could write some JS that would make an API call to get the data for mapping login id to sis id and then find the divs with class secondary_identifer_cell and overwrite the content with the SIS ID.  But not something I would do.

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Thanks Peter

It's not something I really want to do either, but we're somewhat over a barrel with how the data has been mapped to the two IDs. Teaching staff need to identify students in the gradebook by their SIS ID, but students use their Login ID to login (obvs), and we can't just swap the data around because our SSO needs to match to Canvas' Login ID. 

Anyway, I'll see what I can find out about the alien world of APIs via JS!



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could you do something like add the sis id as a tooltip on the login id, that way you are not messing with the ui as much and doing a replacement.

We created our own LTI's for teaching staff to load marks into assignments so they can still grade in a formatted excel sheet if they want with the id's they are use to.