How to batch change all of my LTI course links so they open in a new tab?

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I have imported several hundred LTI links into my course from an LTI thin common cartridge. The links work well from a desktop browser, but when my students try to follow the same links on an sixth generation iPad using iOS 14 and Safari, the links fail because of how the content shows within an iFrame inside the Canvas display. This is due to third-party cookie restrictions that the Safari browser enforces. If I edit a link and update it so it presents the third-party app content in a new browser tab instead, the iPad Safari browser is able to process the LTI SSO login workflow and bypass the third-party cookie restriction.

Since I have already imported several hundred links into my course, I would rather not have to edit each and change them one at a time to open in a new tab. Is there a way to edit the third-party LTI connection and have it apply this change to all links that use that connection? Or is there a way to tell Canvas to apply the same change to all links within my course?

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