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How to create an advising report for a group of students not in the same courses?

I would like a excel spreadsheet that pulls up every student in that group and shows me their current grade for each class they are enrolled in. I want a report I can look at at a glance to see all the students I advise and where they are for each course without having to go into each individual class. Ideally it would have the students listed on the side and all courses listed those students are in across the top with the grades populated for which ever students are in that course. I would also like the same type of report giving a attendance total or percentage. I would say it would be similar to if you had a football team that you had to see grades on before each game to ensure they were eligible to play that week.  Similar to the example attached. 

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@MariaZulch -

If you have access to all of the courses you want to pull the information from, then it can be done with API's (I think, I'm not an expert or even a novice but I have seen enough about API's that given the correct criteria, I believe you can pull that information).

If you are not the teacher in all of the courses, then an administrator would have to do it.   I would contact the admin at your school and ask if they know how to use API's to pull information.  you would need the course id for each of the courses and the canvas student id.  

I may be off base, but I figured I would put the information out there.  This question is probably better suited for the Canvas Data Users or Canvas Developers group message board.


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Community Team

Hi @MariaZulch and @Ron_Bowman  -- This thread was moved to the Canvas Developers Group. I hope it helps in finding an answer!

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If you don't need up-to-date data (E.g. 24-48 hours behind) then It's possible (not exactly in the format that you like) with Canvas Data.

In short, Canvas Data allows you to design and run custom reports that are not built-in to Canvas.

You can learn more about Canvas Data here:

if you're an Admin, you can request your CSM to enable it for you.

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