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How to determine institution role for LTI integration

Hello Developers,

I am currently trying to sort out an integration work between Zoom - Panopto - Canvas.  One aspect that I am trying to figure out, is how can I get the LTI launch to provide whether the user is an institution Instructor/Staff or a Learner.

Basically, looking at the LTI launch, the `roles` attribute is getting the contextual role for that user.  So if the LTI launches from a context in which the user is enrolled as a Learner, they get `Learner` returned, and if in the context they are enrolled as an Instructor, they get `Instructor` returned.  

I would like to have an LTI attribute that determines whether on the institution level the user is classified as an `Instructor` or a `Student`. I am aware of the `ext_roles` list, but for the integration work, I'd prefer something a bit more boolean-esque, since I don't have the ability to parse the list of roles, and would have to make mappings for all of the different enumerations of role combinations that a user can have.

Hopefully this makes sense,


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