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How to know a LTI tool has been enabled in the course level?

We would like to know how many courses are using a particular LTI which has been configured in the root level. By default any LTI tools are disabled, teachers have to manually enabled them.  How can we know that how many instructors have been enabled a tool in their courses? The report from admin portal does not provide this information. Any APIs will help?



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Which report are you running in your admin portal? We've used this one called "LTI Report" without issues:

LTI Report Screenshot

Just sort the CSV in Excel to show only those with the Course configuration location and count the number of rows with the desired tool name. 

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If I understand correctly, I had a similar question - and produced a solution with mixed benefit.  The challenge I had was how to find when a particular LTI, installed at the account level, was enabled or used in a Course context. That is, added to the navigation, to an assignment or module, etc. The approach I arrived at was a script that walked through all the Course Shells and looked for external tools in each course in turn, using the APIs for Tabs, Modules, Assignments (maybe another api too.. forgetting here). The beast worked, but was slow when walking through the many thousands of courses in our Canvas. Ultimately the way to do this more efficiently may be to use the Canvas Data Portal to query warehoused data, avoiding all the Rest calls required. But I have not done anything along this line yet. Happy to discuss further if this is the functionality you are interested in. I need to pick up this work someday soon. 


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I can't seem to find the Tabs information in the Canvas Data Portal tables.  Anyone have any luck doing that.  As Mike says, the Tabs API will show it, but it is slow walking all our courses.



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Does this screen shot help?

LTI Usage Report

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Unfortunately, the LTI Report does not include details about which courses are using Account level LTIs.  It is only a list of where LTIs are installed, not used.

Specifically, I need to know via Data Portal tables which courses have enabled an Account level LTI navigation button.  I can find in the tables when an LTI is used as external tool, external url or embedded in a page (module_item_dim and/or wiki_page_dim tables).  The course navigation buttons (called Tabs in the API) don't seem to have a table exposed in the Data Portal, that I can find.

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When looking for this data, I use the Canvas data tables to find LTI tools in modules and assignments, then run a script to do the API calls for the navigation and combine the results into one report.