How to query all quiz grades for a student?

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I have instructor privileges in Canvas and I'm looking for a way to query every quiz grade from certain students in my class. I'm just getting started with the Canvas API, so any advice or direction would be great. Ultimately, I want to be able to make a call and get output similar to this:


Student 1: Quiz 1 (90) Quiz 2 (90) Quiz 3 (80) 



I have a course with thousands of students, and searching through them all on Canvas is super slow, so I'd like to be able to make a quick API call when I'm meeting with a student.

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Hi,  @spaldinglatham  Welcome to the Canvas Community! We notice that you've posted the same question here—How to query all quiz grades for a student? —and that question has already garnered replies. As that question has been shared into this group, there's no need to post it again, so we have locked this one to keep the conversation thread continuing in one spot under the first question.

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