How to use Developer Key for OAuth2 Authentication?

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So I'm the admin of a Canvas test server, and want to set up OAuth2 authentication for my webpage.
I've generated a developer key after logging into "" and setting up a developer key from there. Let's call the developer key "myTestKey".
And in my code, I made a redirect to the website like this:

However, the result I get is this:

while(1);{"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"unknown client"}

Is this not the correct use of a developer key? How should I be using it instead to get authentication?

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When you say "Let's call the developer key "myTestKey",what are you actually using for the client_id?

It should be the key's actual ID, maybe something like 9900000000123.

In case its of any use, we have a test site at 

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