If I have a Course ID, Quiz ID and a Question ID can I create a URL to directly edit the question?

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If this is my spreadsheet 

Can I use =Concatenate() to build a URL that will 
take me to the specific question?

Course ID Quiz ID Question ID URL to edit question
25312 55979 543207  
20451 55659 536773  
20451 55314 532804  
20451 55314 532821  
20451 55314 532945  
20451 55314 532923  
20451 55314 532888  


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Community Coach

From my testing it doesn't look like there is a way to get a direct URL to the question within a quiz to edit.  If anyone else is able to figure it out, I would be interested in knowing this too.

New Quizzes is powered through an LTI with Canvas.  Thus, the link in Canvas doesn't change as you navigate to edit the questions within a New Quiz.  As far as I can tell, there isn't support to directly access the URL that is within the iframe of the "Build" UI and it just redirects back to Canvas.

Classic Quizzes almost looked like a direct URL could be set-up to get to the question at least.  However, due to the tabbed navigation, it defaults to the details tab rather than the questions tab so the anchor link for the question doesn't work. For reference, here is the URL that I found to work when on the Questions tab, but couldn't get it to launch directly to the Questions tab and that specific question from a hyperlink in Excel:


As a side note, often if there is a direct URL to content within Canvas, there is a URL as part of the data returned from the API.  Since the QuizQuestion object doesn't include a URL, it doesn't seem like it is something that they support.

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