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Implementing OAuth without users

I've made an app that I'd like for all Canvas users to be able to use. However, Instructure told me that I won't be given a global developer key for OAuth unless I can prove that people use my app and institutions have issued me an institution-specific developer key. Being a high school sophomore, I don't exactly have the connections required to get institution developer keys - I did already ask my school, and they said no. This seems to put me in a catch-22, as I cannot get users without a global developer key, but I cannot get a global developer key until I have users. I know that I could potentially have users generate an API token manually and paste it into my app, but I'd much rather do things the proper way with OAuth to avoid unnecessary work and permissions given on the user's end, as well as having to make sure the tokens were properly stored. Is there some way that I can implement OAuth without already having users and institutions on board, or do I have to go down the API token path? I would hope that Instructure has something similar to Google Classroom in that any developer can use OAuth, but they need to verify their app if they want to access sensitive data, and I may have just not gone down the right set of links to find that yet - any help would be much appreciated.

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