Inconsistent nomenclature for course ID fields?

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(I recently posted this in the Canvas Admins group, but it was suggested this group might be of help, too.)

I'm a brand new Canvas admin, and am working with our IT department to develop proper SIS feed files.  I've come across what seems like a substantial discrepancy in the names of some fields related to courses, and would like to get some feedback on whether it's just me, or if this might warrant a product suggestion.

Specifically, there are some required fields when creating a course, but they are labeled differently in three places (except "SIS ID," which is the same in two places).  The three areas I'm looking at are:  SIS feed file, Add A New Course (UI), and Course Details (UI).

In an SIS feed file, the fields are:




In the Add a New Course UI, the same fields are:


Reference Code

Course Name

When viewing the Course Details for an existing course, the same fields are:


Course Code


It took a bit of trial and error to figure out which fields matched what, and it's still a little tricky to keep it straight.  So, is it just me, or is this a little confusing for others?  Thanks for any feedback.

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I've opened a new Idea to request that these fields be given consistent names in the various locations.  Feel free to comment, or add suggestions for clarification, etc.


/ chris p.

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