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Integration Testing & manual QA plan for app that offers access via Canvas as well as own website

Hi all,

We have an education application that teachers can access via Canvas (in an iframe) or directly via our website. This presents some interesting challenges for testing and I was curious how others have handled them.

  • We run E2E integration tests in Cypress. When we've tried to run Cypress in the Canvas sandbox, we've had ... mixed results. Has anyone successfully set up Cypress or another E2E testing suite against an app running in an iframe on Canvas? What did you do?
  • Our data model around courses/roles/assignments doesn't match Canvas's exactly, so in some places we have to make interesting decisions about how to represent our data in Canvas, which leads to edge cases and hard-to-test hidden logic. If you had a similar situation, how did you mitigate or what kind of testing plans did you use?
  • Similarly, there are some places where we intentionally give the user a slightly different experience depending whether they're on our site or in Canvas. This is mostly due to rostering - if they're on our website, users create their own courses and students, but in Canvas all rostering is delegated to Canvas's rosters, so we don't show the UI components for adding courses and students. If you dealt with this in testing, what strategy did you use?


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