Interacting with Canvas Live API

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After poking around the docs and here in the forum,  I still need some guidance on the best path forward for my intent. 

Note that I am approaching this as a developer without association to any school.

What I am trying to Implement

  • Build an application that integrates with Canvas to do the following:

  1. Accesses a student’s account.

  2. Retrieve the student’s courses.

  3. Retrieve the assignments associated with each course along with each assignment’s data such as name, description, unlock_at, updated_at, lock_at, due_at, and course_id.

I am trying to find clarification on the following:

What is the best way to interact with the Canvas Live API?

  • Is installing Canvas locally the best or only option?

Is it possible to interact with the Canvas Live API using a cloud based account?

Is generating a developer key something that can only be accomplished by a user with admin privileges?

The documentation states “It is recommended that you have at least 150GB of available hard drive space, 8GB of RAM, and a quad-core CPU to use this script.”.  Is this true for all installations or is there a lighter weight version that can be used for development?

I have my assumptions for all of these questions but don’t want to solely rely on them.

Thank you.