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LTI LineItem not visible in Gradebook

When I use the LTI LineItems service to create a line item associated with a resource link ID, the line item is created (it is returned when making a GET request to the LineItems service endpoint) but does not appear on the Grades page for the course.  The line item automatically created by Canvas for my assignment is visible (and associated with the same resource link ID).  How do I view the line items that I create within Canvas?


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After an exchange with Canvas support, this issue is caused by Canvas only permitting one line item to be associated with a resource link and yet it is allowing an LTI tool to create more than one.  But only one (the first) is shown in the gradebook.

To me this is a bug in Canvas as I do not think it should allow a line item to be created if it cannot be shown in gradebook.  I feel that there is an expectation that when a tool creates a line item in a platform, it should be visible to users within that platform.