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Linking Android Student application to self-hosted instance of Canvas

I need some advice re. the Canvas Android Student application as well as the open source Android application:

  • How does one link to a self-hosted instance via the Android Student application?
  • How does one build the Student application from the open source code (link below)?

Instructure's Open Source Android Code

Thank you,


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi johan.pretorius,

I will admit I am not a mobile developer, however I can give you a little more information. As you may be aware Instructure does not support the use of the published Mobile Apps on the self-hosted version.

However, with the source code that you have found, you could review the code making the necessary changes to build in support for the self-hosted version, build and then publish a self-branded version of the app.

You would need to ensure you adhere to any IP/branding restrictions (for example, I would be guessing you couldn't name it anything like 'Canvas Mobile', it would probably need something like 'MyInstitution').

As for how you build it specifically, hopefully someone else may be able to chime in to give you a hand on that topic, apologies I can't be more help in that area.


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I made something for this purpose - It is 95% native (using the Canvas API for the majority of the app rather than putting the website into a mobile container).

Check it out here - includes links for Google Play/App Store. It's currently only set up for my school's domain, but if you're interested I can provide a demo of some sort. Let me know if you'd like to have your school integrated with the app!