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Lock Specific Calendar Events

It would be nice to be able to lock specific Calendar Events (read only) from changes (updated/deleted) that where created via the rest API.

we have calendar events that we create for users that they can change after we have created them and we would like to be able to make then locked/Read Only then we create them with the API.

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This is essential. We have to be able to set a lock date on the calendar after students sign up. Otherwise, they can change their dates and times without notifying the teacher. Then teachers have to change their before- and after-school plans every time students switch. This makes the calendar unusable for us. So, we have to go back to pencil and paper. Along with issues in the rubric, this is actually one of the main reasons that I cannot be on board with our district continuing to use Canvas when our contract is up this year. Essentially, we can't use the calendar for our appointments with students , and we can't print rubrics that we make here (different suggestion, I know). Without those 2 features, the system becomes pretty tough to work with in a high school setting. The calendar part seems fixable to me -- we just need an option in appointment groups to lock or stop student signups by a certain date if we so choose. Also, we would need to be able to change that date or unlock it temporarily, so that when students communicated with us, we could then unlock briefly to allow them to make a change. Oh, also -- in the calendar -- we need to be able to see who has signed up for the event without having to scroll over each event. Thank-you!

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