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Lti::KeyStorage.rotate_keys not working on setup without Consul

Hi, I recently noticed that Canvas had a key that was necessary for LTI and could be set in config/dynamic_settings.yml. Also there was a periodic job which attempted to rotate that key, and the method was Lti::KeyStorage.rotate_keys. But I found that this rotation didn't work on our self-hosted Canvas instance, because the change Lti::KeyStorage.rotate_keys made was available only to the process which ran the method, i.e. delayed_job. To persist this change, introducing Consul looked appropriate to me.

Now, my question is, is using Consul the only way to make Lti::KeyStorage.rotate_keys work? If so, I think periodic jobs should not run Lti::KeyStorage.rotate_keys on instances without using Consul, in order to avoid confusion.

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