LtiDeepLinkingRequest not activated for Course assignment menu placement(while creating developing key for LTI1.3)

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We have a self-hosted canvas 2023-4-26 version.

We are trying to create a developer key for one third party provider which requires LtiDeepLinkingRequest for course_assignment_menu placement to be activated.

According to document as attached in screenshot, this setting should have been active by default in latest version. But in our instance, it is still disabled and cannot change it.

ENV.FEATURES.lit_multiple_assignment_deep_linking return true which shows that deep linking is working for others. In fact, that is enabled for other placements such as collaboration.

I even turned these feature flag settings on/true from the canvas admin

LTI Deep linking for module index menu

LTI deep linking line items

LTI deep linking line items on assignment edit page

But still, we could not activate changing LtiDeepLinkingRequest for for course_assignment_menu

So, what can we do? We are stuck and confused.

We must have that for that third party tool to work.

Please refer to screenshot for the problem. Any help?

Note: Just a humble request: please don't give one non useful response and mark it yourself as answer and mark it solved which confuses the thing.

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