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LtiDeepLinkingResponse is not creating line items

Hi everyone!

I'm building an LTI 1.3 integration with Canvas. I'm having some trouble because line items associated with the LtiDeepLinkingResponse I'm sending back to Canvas are not creating those expected line items or entries in the grade book.

These are the steps I'm following

I have configured a valid developer key and added it to my course. I have checked that everything is okay because LtiResourceLinkRequest is working correctly.

Now, in Canvas, I go to the modules section in my course and I create a new module.

I click the + icon of that module to add a new item to the module. I choose "external tool" and I start the deep link synchronization. I get the LtiResourceLinkRequest in my tool and then I send the LtiDeepLinkingResponse to Canvas:

  "iss": "10000000000024",
  "aud": "",
  "sub": "10000000000024",
  "iat": 1652370505,
  "exp": 1652370805,
  "nonce": "95cd3f2e-f5e0-4638-beba-741a08f7416f",
  "": "42:92ebc67ad90a6b2c63fb7e9e1229c587b4ff4ff8",
  "": "LtiDeepLinkingResponse",
  "": "1.3.0",
  "": [
      "type": "ltiResourceLink",
      "title": "C_H - Exam xxx 1",
      "uri": "https://xxxx.yyy.zzz/",
      "url": "https://xxxx.yyy.zzz/aaa/lti",
      "text": "go to Exam xxx 1",
      "icon": {
        "url": "https://xxxx.yyy.zzz/logo192.png",
        "width": 100,
        "height": 100
      "thumbnail": {
        "url": "https://xxxx.yyy.zzz/logo192.png",
        "width": 90,
        "height": 90
      "lineItem": {
        "scoreMaximum": 100,
        "label": "Exam xxx 1",
        "resourceId": "99d4fc71-709c-4c9d-a137-61b0e47bebb4",        
      "window": {
        "targetName": "_blank"
      "custom": {
        "courseId": "dae56676-5512-4399-bf4c-d169eebcc1b7",
        "examId": "99d4fc71-709c-4c9d-a137-61b0e47bebb4"


The information is correctly shown in the modal and then I click the Add Item button.

I can see the resource inside the module but no entry is created in the grade book.

When I invoke the line items service I realise that I'm not getting this item for this course

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I think you will find that Canvas will only create a line item for an LTI tool added as an assignment, not, for example, as an item in a module as you are doing.  Try adding it as an assignment and then add the assignment to the module.