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Make request for all users of a course after receiving Live Event payload

Currently, my company has a canvas integration for our apps that uses the REST API. Customers seem to be interested in notifying users/students when a new assignment is created, updated, new discussion post created, replied to, etc. I read through the Live Events documentation which would be perfect to initiate the flow and provide the course as well as what was created/updated. But from there I'm not quite sure how to retrieve all users in a course. I stumbled upon this post and it seems as though the possible options would be to set up the service as an LTI or use an Admin access token that doesn't expire.

I don't really know much about LTIs but one thing I wasn't sure about while reading through the docs is if set up as an LTI could the LTI make a request to Canvas without being initiated by Canvas? Or I guess to clarify can the LTI service be triggered by a Live Event and then make a request to Canvas for the necessary info?

If LTI wouldn't be the right way to approach this is there a better way or is the only way to use an Admin access token with REST API calls?

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