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Obtaining Device's MAC Address

I have been asked to find a way to obtain the device's MAC address.   I know in the Canvas Data Portal and the Page View's CSV file the Remote IP address is captured.  However, I am aware IP Addresses are shared and need the device's MAC Address.  I do not see if Canvas stores the device's MAC Address in the tables. 

Does anyone know if Canvas tracks device's MAC Address?

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Canvas does not track MAC addresses, so you'd have to find those from another source.  There are also some significant technical restrictions on what you'll be able to get: if you're concerned about IP addresses being reassigned to other computers later, that means you'll have to do the IP->MAC lookup immediately in response to that computer's web request instead of doing the lookups afterward in a large batch; and at most, you can find them for computers on your local network, not across the Internet.