PHP Pagination - buttons?

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I'm struggling with working pagination in PHP. According to the documentation, I can use those links to go to the next page of the collected results. I can put out a certain amount of results per page, which I want, but I also want to go from page to page - I want to have working "Next", "Previous", "First" and "Last" buttons too.

But, in PHP, I have tried to write the exact equivalents of those, and it doesn't work. See my code:

'<a href="" rel="next">Next</a>'

This, unfortunately, don't work. Frankly I don't know what does.

I have seen other threads on this matter, but they have all focused on Python or other languages, so none of them help me. The ones I am working with are PHP foremost, with some Laravel, HTML and Blade.

Any advice? Every bit of help is greatly appreciated

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