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Pull Multiple Pages Body Content

Does anyone have experience pulling in multiple pages body content using the API? I am writing a custom search application and I when I call this endpoint GET /api/v1/courses/:course_id/pages the body section is left off.

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Community Champion

In the Pages API documentation, the Page object specification has this comment about the "body" element: "the page content, in HTML (present when requesting a single page; omitted when listing pages)."

It looks to me like you'll need to iterate through each of the returned pages to get the body.

Community Champion

dgrobani is right about using the API: get the list and then iterate through each one.

However, if you have access to Canvas Data, the content of the pages is also contained there. But Canvas Data is stale when delivered, so if you're okay with data not being immediate, you could use it for the primary searching. If currency is really important, you can use the API to get a list of pages than have changed since the version in Canvas Data (use the updated_at property returned by the API) and then fetch just those through the API.