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I did not see an API for Question bank. 

Is it possible to know how many courses are using question bank with other APIs?



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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni
There is not a single API endpoint that I know of that allows a user to get a list of all the questions groups. 
It can be done by linking together multiple APIs
1) /api/v1/courses/course_id/quizzes/ will list all the quizzes in 1 course
2) Get the quiz id from #1 and put it in /api/v1/courses/course_id/quizzes/quiz_id/questions
The return will include all the questions in that quiz. If the question has a quiz_group_id then the question came from a question bank.
If you use Canvas Data, then it can all be found in the quiz_question_group_fact

I hope this helps!

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