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Quicker troubleshooting


I'm a developer who has an app that does a variety of things including grade passback using LTI Advantage. After a few thousand successful grade passbacks, my calls began to fail for a small subset of students from one school. I thought this was odd since I was using the same exact code for all students in the school.

After connecting with the school's Canvas Admin, they eventually got Instructure involved and after going through a Level 1 and then finally a Level 2 engineer, they were able to determine the issue. Regardless of the specifics, from the first email until a solution was presented, approximately 6 weeks passed.

My question is whether Instructure offers any paid support for developers so that I might be able to receive quicker feedback. And, if so, has anyone here has used that support more successfully than the forum?

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@EricKeanSince you are developing an LTI, you might consider contacting the Instructure Partnership Team. If you become a partner, it looks like you may be able to get some additional benefits like LTI Advisory Support Services. They would also probably be your best bet to see if you can pay for additional direct support.

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Thanks so much for the link! I'll check it out.