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Quiz API Update


I posted the following to the All Things API thread but never got a response so I'm trying here.  Hope this is the right place!


In the fall of 2015 I was trying to develop my own speedgrader for open response quiz questions when I discovered that the quiz API was not working as documented.  This long process is covered in this thread that included Deactivated user‌,  @James  and some key help from wfrakes‌.

In the end Jason Sparks said:

This is a very innovative use of the API.  The current API remains in a beta stage as we are actively considering some new development on the quizzes front. For now there will not be any further development of the current API. We will share more in the near future as things progress.

17 months later I thought I would check back and see if any progress has been made.  However, the documentation does NOT seem to have been updated - so the broken API calls and misleading examples (see my explanation) are still there.

Nevertheless, hope springs eternal and I wanted to see if someone from Instructure could provide an update.

Fingers crossed,

Sam Dickerman

Brookline High School

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Hey  @sam_dickerman , about the time frame you mentioned is around the time that mention of "Modern Quizzing Engine" and "Quizzes 2.0" started surfacing, and has grown into what we now call Priority: Quizzes.Next‌. This is just me speculating, but I'm going to hazard a guess that API development on the current quizzing engine has stalled somewhat as the next version is being developed. 

I realize you've been waiting quite a while for a more direct answer, but I'm afraid the best I can say at this point is hang on a little longer, and see what InstructureCon 2017 brings in the way of news about roadmap and timelines.