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RCE/Kaltura Video File upload via API

What API endpoint would one use to upload a video file that would duplicate what the RCE UI does for uploading to the Kaltura encoding process? I have a potential project in mind to bulk upload a large amount of separate mp4 files to question bank questions.

Uploading Files - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation doesn't address the Kaltura integration and seems to assume a file upload would go towards the File repository of the course and I don't want to blow up the storage space allocated to the rest of the course files. Tools like Respondus have a file format for importing video files but assumes that it will be an embedded object markup will be used with an associated old-school plugin like Flash or Windows Media player will be used. It would be nice to know if there is a way or plans to implement direct integration with the cloud-based Kaltura platform.

If not, then it looks like a feature request is imminent and I'm curious if such a feature were needed if anyone else in the developer community would be interested in supporting it.


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