REST API PUT conversations only updates the first conversation

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When I use the Canvas Live API, I can do something like this

Event: Star
Conversation_Ids: 90210,86753

Both of the convesations are starred.

If I do the same thing via Postman or a Python script, only the first of the conversation_ids is updated, and the progress URL indicates it is 100% complete with one conversation updated.

headers = {'Authorization':'Bearer %s' % canvas_token}
url = 'https://%s/api/v1/conversations' % (canvas_domain)
params = {'event': 'star', 'conversation_ids[]': '90210,86753'}
response = requests.put(url,headers=headers,params=params)

It does not matter which ID I list first, or what action (star, unstar, destroy) I specify. I am not at this time attempting to impersonate another user, just working with my own account.

Any idea what I could be missing that would cause this unusual behavior?

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