Removing import all content

Community Novice


We started pushing our lecture times directly to Canvas as events from TimeEdit. Now lecture times are neatly in the Canvas calendar with assignments and other dated events. However, a problem has come about with this integration. As the events exist within a course, they also migrate with the course in a full course copy. Despite lecturers being informed about this, they have already learned to copy courses directly with the "Import content -> All content function".

However, instead of fixing the damage, we are looking to hide the "All content" option from the import and leave only the "Select specific content" option for them. This makes the lecturers look at each individual part when copying content and perhaps leave the events out of the equation. Naturally, this helps with other events as well (e.g. we get some from EvaluationKit automatically).

This requires a bit of CSS or Java, which I have been unable to determine. While canvas/branding/javascript/element_targetting at master · unsupported/canvas · GitHub has provided some clues.