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Reporting For an Assignment Across Courses

We want to report on assignments across courses to determine which assignments are most used most regardless of courses by using the data from different API endpoints. We currently extract Canvas data from the API to do some local reporting.

Our admin account structure leverages a blueprint course as a parent course that has multiple associations that are controlled and owned by individual teachers. Teachers have the availability to pick, choose and edit which assignments make most sense for the context of their classroom, including the naming convention of the title.

My understanding is that the assignment "id" is unique to the course, which makes it hard to report across all courses for a given assignment because it means each course that selects an assignment from a blueprint course doesn't have a shared id like a "blueprint_assignment_id".

Example of this, we might want to know how many courses select the assignment "Getting to know you" from the blueprint course. Some courses might tweak the name (e.g. "Getting to know our class") and we still want to report on use/completion across courses.

How have other people handled reporting assignments across courses? I have not seen much on this topic, so excited to hear other perspectives.

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