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Retrieve direct URL for images- how?

This has been frustrating. I've tried URLs of the form:


(which I could've sworn worked last week), but I can not find the URL construct (it's not the same as the 2017 post here I found) that works. Any help?


Context: A Theme designer (contract worker) created some custom icons for use in course sites/templates. They've been stored externally to Canvas. I want to store them internally, in a Public course and have the .css file/theme reference them.

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If the images have been included in a page you can see them as files. For example, here is the HTML for a figure in one of my courses (with the verifier replaced by xxxxx):

<figure><img src="" alt="ethernet_encapsulation.png" data-api-endpoint="" data-api-returntype="File">
<figcaption>Ethernet encapsulation <span class="inline-ref">(see Stevens, Volume 1, Figure 2.1, pg. 23)</span></figcaption>

I have a python script to list all files to a XLSX spreadsheet. This makes it easy to see the URL for a give image, it could be run on the above course with

./ 17234

It is available from:


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