Self-hosted Canvas LTI 1.3 issues... Is it possible to integrate with Savvas platform on self-hosted canvas?

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I have a self-hosted Canvas site installed and I've been able to integrate several tools with my site. I've been able to create keys and integrate my Google Ed Workspace and other apps. I ran into an issue with integrating Savvas products with my Canvas instance.

The issue is that the json code they have points to for some keys and such. I am curious if I just need to do something on my end to create the endpoints and jwk keys to provide them with the URLs to put in the json code to integrate correctly.

I do not have Canvas hosted with Instructure (via SAAS model) because it's a very small private school and it was more cost effective to host Canvas myself. I installed it on my own cloud server and I'm pretty much a one-woman show here. I'm my own SysAdmin, Principal, Teacher, Tech Support, etc...

Any ideas on what I can do to get this to work? I have licenses for several Savvas products and I'd like to be able to use them in my Canvas courses easily. It seems like there should be something I can do to set up or configure it to work correctly.