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Suggested Improvements to Rubrics


I would like to make a couple of suggestions for Rubrics.

To start, I am very happy that the option to add point ranges to different rating categories.

I would like to see some enhancements with how this appears inside of Speedgrader.

If an instructor chooses to use this rubric for grading, it will enter the highest point value for the ranges selected.

It would be fantastic if there was some way that an instructor could easily mediate this outside of just re-entering the value manually in Speedgrader, so that they can set a point value within that range when marking the rubric for Canvas to set as the student's grade.

Does that make sense?

I would also like to suggest that rubric comments are sent to students once an instructor clicks submit from Speedgrader. Often times, I find that an instructor will bypass the save option on the rubric when they enter feedback comments in a free form fashion on the rubric. They think that they will not need to save on the rubric since they are just submitting. They then lose their comments and have to re-enter them.

It would be awesome to have an auto-save feature here, or have rubric comments just be sent over with an ultimate feedback/grade submission to a student in Speedgrader.



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Community Team
Community Team

 @ewest ‌, please see my response to the duplicate post . We've locked this one to conserve community members' resources and avoid the possibility of simultaneous parallel comment threads.