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Suggestion for Canvas: Join the Postman API Network

Postman ( offers an API network where publishers can make collections available with samples. The API network is at Postman | API Network Featured.

I think adding Canvas to the list of APIs there would significantly enhance the getting started experience.

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Community Member

I agree 100%. We use Postman for a lot of our API call testing. It would be nice to see an integration of some sort.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @saelterman ‌,

I have often thought this would be a great idea. I think it is a great candidate to log as an idea in the Canvas Studio‌ space. While this would mean re-logging it again, it would become something that we as the community could up-vote and help to drum up support for it. That way Instructure can consider this for future inclusion in the product.

Hope that helps, and if you do log it as a feature idea, please link back to it in this discussion and we can all vote on it!


Community Member

A wonderful idea. I user Postman all the time.