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Community Coach

Text Formatting Oddity in the Rich Content Editor - Locally Installed Instance

Hello.  In addition to our main Canvas environment (cloud-based) that we use for our faculty and students, we have a separate Canvas environment that is locally hosted on-site.  We have many things locked down in this environment for various reasons.  We have folks from our IT department who take care of the local install and any upgrades/updates, so I am not a part of how that all works.  However, I am an administrator for that Canvas environment.

My question is about something I'm seeing in the Rich Content Editor..which was just updated in this environment this past weekend to the New RCE.  (What I describe below was happening in this environment with the old RCE, too.)  When I edit a page in my sandbox course and add some links, it looks something like this:


When I save the page, however, it looks like this:


Strangely, when switch over to "Student View", the page looks like what I had intended:


Is there anything I might be able to pass along to our IT folks so that when I am viewing this from an instructor/administrator perspective, some of these links (which seem to be only links that are pointing to files) do not decide to be on their own line?

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